Clara Bell Smith Student Athlete Academic Center

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In 1997, Steve Smith donated $2.5 million to Michigan State University to fund the construction of the Clara Bell Smith Student Athlete Academic Center. This donation, in memory of his mother, helped fund the construction of a comprehensive study center for student athletes, providing them with the competitive edge necessary to excel in both scholastic and athletic pursuits.

With the goal of developing well-rounded students and creating an environment conducive to student athlete academic achievement, the Smith Center enables MSU to offer academic programs for athletes in many areas, including:

  • Individual tutorial support programs
  • Math enrichment
  • Math-reading specialist assistance
  • Study skills workshop
  • Learning characteristics services
  • Counseling services
  • Career exploration and development
  • Computer literacy training

The two-story, 31,000 square foot Smith Center serves more than 800 student athletes in all of MSU’s 25 Division I sports. It also houses an auditorium, a “hall of fame” gallery, two study halls, a computer laboratory, a computer tutorial room, a student lounge, a conference room, six classrooms, a director’s office, 10 tutoring rooms, seven advisor offices and a reception area. The Smith Center is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of student athletes and allows them to pursue their academic goals within a more flexible time frame. It provides student athletes access to valuable resources and assistance, even when other University facilities are closed.