Current Scholars

Graham Polk

Graduated from Renaissance High School: 2016
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2020
Major: Media and Information

My name is Graham Polk and I graduated from Renaissance High School in 2016.  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I was the Senior Class President and a member of the Varsity Baseball team.

The Steve Smith Scholarship will help me not only afford college, but will help me prepare for life by learning more about money management, and how to live an independent life.


Crystal King

Graduated from Renaissance High School: 2015Crystal King
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2019
Major: Environmental Geography

My name is Crystal King.  I graduated from Renaissance High School in 2015.

Being the 2015 recipient of the Steve Smith Scholarship is truly an honor. This scholarship will not only benefit me financially, but it will also allow me to take full advantage of all the amazing resources that MSU has to offer. This scholarship will provide me with the motivation I need to excel in my studies and perhaps, in the future, study abroad.  I would like to thank the scholarship committee and Steve Smith for selecting me as the 2015 Recipient of the Steve Smith Scholarship.  I plan to take this opportunity and set my plans for the future in motion.


Raquel ShellmanRaquel Shellman

Graduated from Pershing: 2013
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2017
Major: Social Work

My name is Raquel Shellman. I graduated from John J. Pershing High School as Class President.  Since I have a passion to help those in dire need, I plan on majoring in Social Work. In order graduate early, I plan to attend classes year round.

Being granted the Steve Smith Scholarship has been such a blessing. I would like to thank Steve for believing in me and investing in my future.  I will go on to do great things at such profound institutions, such as MSU. This scholarship means so much to me. I plan to take advantage of every opportunity that is afforded to me.  By receiving this scholarship, I am fortunate to be among the few students who do not have to worry about tuition and expenses and can therefore concentrate on my studies. I would like to thank to the Clara Bell Smith Center and the SASS Program on making this transition as pleasant and smooth as possible. It is one of my future goals is to start a charitable fund like Steve Smith in order to give back to the community that has helped me.

Thank you Steve for keeping in contact with the past and current scholars and making sure everyone has the necessary resources to excel.


Sherronia Dorsey-Walker

Graduated from Pershing: 2012
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2016Sherronia Dorsey-Walker-cropped
Major: Criminal Justice

Sherronia Dorsey-Walker graduated from Nolan Preparatory School of Excellence in 2008 and subsequently from John J. Pershing High School and Golightly Career and Technical Center in 2012.  Sherronia has declared Criminal Justice as her major and expects to graduate from MSU in June of 2016.

She has stated that Steve Smith has been a life saver both financially and mentally, as she can now focus on her education without the burden of worrying about tuition costs. She has always dreamed about receiving her education from Michigan State University and plans to represent this award in the best way possible while she is attending MSU. She will use her education to achieve her goal of becoming an FBI Public Affairs Officer and to open crisis centers worldwide for those in need. Sherronia wishes to thank Steve Smith for giving her the opportunity to do great things for her future, her family and her life. As she continues to learn and grow, she promises to always give back her wisdom, time and finances to the world in any way that she can.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Update:  I am currently a junior at Michigan State University majoring in Criminal Justice and Social Work.  I am a Teen Room Supervisor at the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing, the coordinator of the Youth of the Year and Keystone Teen Leadership Program and the founder of Successful Sister’s Mentoring Program.  I am currently involved in many on-campus and community service projects.  In an effort to give back to all those that have helped me succeed, I have started a scholarship program to pay it forward.  My scholarship program can be viewed at:

I am so blessed that I received the Steve Smith Scholarship because it helped me financially, professionally, and academically.  The Steve Smith Scholarship opened my eyes to wanting to give back.  I am living by my motto (of giving back) and helping others every day.  I would like to give a big thank you to Steve Smith for the generous gift of hope, education and appreciation.