Current Scholars

David Young

Graduated from Cass Technical High School: 2017
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2021
Major:  Accounting

My name is David Young.  I was a honor student at Cass Technical High School. My senior year was amazing.  I got to play at Ford Field twice as an offensive lineman on a Division I Championship Football Team., received the rank of Eagle Scout, and was accepted into the Eli Broad College of Business through a new pilot program where freshmen don’t have to wait a year to apply.  Now I am a recipient of the Steve Smith Endowed Scholarship for Michigan State University students.

Receiving my championship ring, earning my Eagle rank and getting into the business college of my choice were great, but receiving the Steve Smith Endowed Scholarship is an answer to my prayers.  This scholarship will allow me focus on my academics.  My goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant.


Alicia R. Hadley

Graduated from Renaissance High School: 2017
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2021
Major:  Psychology

I am Alicia R. Hadley.  I attended Renaissance High School in Detroit, Michigan.  I love to draw and paint.  I was an editor for the high school yearbook.  Currently, I am part of the AKA Debutante Cotillion, employed at Beyond Juice, and  a youth leader at Grace New Covenant Church.  I volunteer and organize the mind ministry.  I want to become a clinical psychiatrist.  My goal is to eventually own by own practice.


Graham Polk

Graduated from Renaissance High School: 2016
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2020
Major: Media and Information

My name is Graham Polk and I graduated from Renaissance High School in 2016.  I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  I was the Senior Class President and a member of the Varsity Baseball team.

The Steve Smith Scholarship will help me not only afford college, but will help me prepare for life by learning more about money management, and how to live an independent life.




Crystal King

Graduated from Renaissance High School: 2015Crystal King
Expected MSU Graduation Date: 2019
Major: Environmental Geography

My name is Crystal King.  I graduated from Renaissance High School in 2015.

Being the 2015 recipient of the Steve Smith Scholarship is truly an honor. This scholarship will not only benefit me financially, but it will also allow me to take full advantage of all the amazing resources that MSU has to offer. This scholarship will provide me with the motivation I need to excel in my studies and perhaps, in the future, study abroad.  I would like to thank the scholarship committee and Steve Smith for selecting me as the 2015 Recipient of the Steve Smith Scholarship.  I plan to take this opportunity and set my plans for the future in motion.